Softax Features


Preferred by Professional Practitioners

Softax includes all of the federal individual tax forms filed with the majority of individual tax returns. And each of them links together with related forms to automatically tie required data together. This streamlined Softax feature saves practitioners valuable time during the hectic tax season. Enjoy Softax! Request the FREE evaluation software to experience this time saving feature. Call us: 1-651-731-5318 Fax us: 1-651-731-8011 Email us: 

Popular Features:

Next Year's Rates included 

for tax planning

Toggle the tax year at the Main Menu to estimate your client's federal and state tax liability. Enter next year's federal estimated income and expenses, then load the state module to see the state tax results. Use this to accurately prepare the federal and state estimated tax forms. You can really enjoy Softax . . . year round.

Mailing Labels . . . Plus . . .

This program generates mailing labels from you client data files, but also gives you the capability to generate valuable statistics to show valuable information about your tax practice and your clientele.

Current and next year tax comparison 

When you use Softax, you can generate a current year vs. next year comparison and view it on screen or print it for you or your client. This conveniently shows your client why the tax liability has changed.