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Federal 1040 $  624
MN, WI, IA, NE, ND or IL 100
Order all 6 states 200
Organizer 25
Prior Year Software
Includes Federal and State Software Plus Softax's powerful depreciation!



All 4 business / fiduciary programs

Form 1065 Federal, MN,  IA, WI 100
Form 1120 Federal,  MN only 100
Form 1120S Federal, MN,  IA, WI 100
Form 1041 Federal, MN & IA 100

Reach us by phone: 1-651-731-5318

Electronic Filing With Softax

Prepares your federal and state returns for electronic filing
the easy one-entry Softax method. 

Next select the Electronic Filing Transmission Service you
want to process your Federal and State Electronic returns.


Fed. & State


ACA Direct


PDP Direct -- file an unlimited number of returns


PDP third party -- low cost option


Form 4868 Extension

$  30 plus $2.50 per fed return filed

.75 per form

50 per state return filed through PDP


PDP 100 return pre-payment option

PDP 200 return pre-payment option 

PDP 400 return pre-payment option

PDP 500 return pre-payment option









ACA Direct Filing 

With ACA Direct you can transmit federal returns directly to the IRS
without going through a third party transmitter.

Minnesota and Illinois returns are sent directly to the state electronic
filing unit. Wisconsin North Dakota and Iowa returns are sent along with the federal return.

With this Direct package, the transmitter will need an ETIN 
(Electronic Transmitter Identification Number). 

Call ACA at 1-800-454-3072 for specifics



PDP--Call 800-359-1040 for specific details

With PDP  you may either file direct to the IRS or use PDP's third

party filing option. When using the third party option

your software cost is only $30.00 and your per-return cost is 

$2.50 for each federal return filed and 

50 for each state return filed.


Reach Softax by phone: 1-651-731-5318


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