Practitioner Tested and Approved Since 1982

My name is Ron Schlangen
I am the founder and president
of  the Softax Corporation.

Let me tell you a little of my background, and how Softax has grown.

I grew up in central Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota. Upon graduation I entered the U of  M law school and completed my law degree.

Then came military service.  After serving in Vietnam, I returned to Minnesota and was a supervising attorney with the Minnesota Department of Revenue for five years.

Later I worked in and became Associate Executive Director of the Minnesota Taxpayer's Association. It was while I was with the Association that I began programming tax software with an Atari computer.  I found a need for good, compliant software, and proceeded to expand the product list and incorporate the company. A lot  has improved since the Atari.  (That's a museum piece now.)

Softax creates products for medium sized tax practices. We pride ourselves on producing the software these practices need and delivering in early January for a quick start on the annual tax season.

The company, products and loyal customer list  has grown steadily over the years.

We price Softax products to be affordable while still providing powerful, feature loaded software equal to or superior to many of the high priced products.

Softax is headquartered in Maplewood, Minnesota, near 3M international headquarters, and only minutes from the Mall of America.

Now, look at some of our software's  popular features:

Reach us by phone: 1-651-731-5318 or fax 1-651-731-8011 or E-mail